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Unicorn Nail Designs

Looking for the latest nail design trend?! Unicorn nails are the most recent design trend that has started to sweep social media. Every year there’s a design theme that gains massive popularity thanks to sites like Instagram and Pinterest, where nail artists show us their creative design ideas and get us all inspired. Now if the unicorn nail trend is new to you, prepare to fall in love as you start scrolling through. If you’re not new, you probably already love the trend and just want to find some more ideas as to how you can try the design on your own nails. It was hard narrowing down the list but we found 40 insane unicorn nail designs we think you are going to quickly love. Start scrolling to see!

1Three Dimensional Design

This unicorn nail design is the epitome of magic! Using three dimensional materials to create the unicorn design really brings this to life. Of course, if you don’t have the materials to recreate something similar you can always paint on the flowers and crown to get a similar look.

2Illustrated Unicorn Stars

Pastel ombre is the perfect foundation to this unicorn design. Painting a unicorn on the thumb nail is a fun change for the typical accent nail. We love that they kept the rest of the nails simple with dainty black stars to tie everything together.

3Cool Toned Chic

If you like the aesthetic of unicorn nails but don’t want an actual unicorn on your nails, this is a fun option to try out. Purple and blue tones encompass the feel of unicorn aesthetic, especially when they’re combined to create a chic manicure like this.

4Born to be a Unicorn

Feel like you were born to be a unicorn? Say it with your nails! Painting a simple unicorn onto one white nail is perfectly complimented with purple iridescent polish on the other nails. Chances are there may be decals available online to make this SUPER easy to achieve yourself.

5Rainbow Unicorn Horn

How fun are these unicorn nails?! We fell in love with these immediately. Creating a horn-like vibe onto one nail with a raised texture is such a fun way to rock unicorn nails. Adding rainbow ombre to the top enhances it even more.

6Candy Coated Unicorn Design

As you can tell, with unicorn nails are ALL about the colors. If you love pastel tones these candy colored nails are probably your new favorite inspiration. Whatever length and shape your nails are, you can have fun with this type of design.

7Cartoonized Unicorn

Naturally, iridescent nail polish is perfect to use when you want unicorn nails. The good news is iridescent polish is a big trend so it’s easy to find! Keep it simple with a pink iridescent nail polish and simple illustrations added to the top for a cute mani.

8Shining Chrome

Unicorn nails have never been so fashionable! We’ve got ombre, chrome and rhinestones wrapped up into one stunning nail design. Bring the magic element of unicorns to your nails with shining details like rhinestones and chrome. It adds major glam to unicorn colors like these.

9Negative Space Unicorn

Give your unicorn nails a modern twist by painting the design onto the nail, but leaving some blank space. Leaving part of the nail color-free allows the unicorn to be the focal point and really pop! We love how they kept the other nails rather simple to continue the modern vibe.

10Unicorn in Clouds

Daydreaming? Keep your (nails) in the clouds with the magic of unicorns. Clouds are pretty easy to paint onto nails and they help to fully encompass the unicorn theme on nails like they’ve done here. Add touches of glam with some glitter strategically placed.

11Pastel Glitter

Pastel + glitter = major unicorn magic. Mixing and matching various pastel tones together with subtle ombre effect gives these nails magic. Of course, topping with glitter brings the unicorn magic full circle for a fresh
unicorn mani.

12Modern Colorful Designs

If you like the idea of negative space on nails, but want something that’s less obvious with the unicorn element these are perfection for you. Applying fun unicorn inspired designs to each nail is bound to give you a fun result. Mix it up and make it your own! Hearts, stars, rainbows – the possibilities are endless.

13Eye See a Unicorn

Talk about thinking outside the box! Painting on just the eye of a unicorn is so unique. This shows you don’t need to be literal with designs to achieve the aesthetic you desire, particularly with nails. We love that they’ve painted the eye onto one, white nail and went all out with the striped colors on the other nails.

14Golden Unicorn

Get unicorn nails with minimal design needed! Nail embellishments are a fan favorite for women who want the look of detailed designs, without needing the ability to do so. It doesn’t get any easier than gluing a gold unicorn embellishment onto one nail. Add some color with hot pink glitter and you’re good to go.

15Harry Potter Nails

Unicorns are synonymous with magic and few things encompass magic quite like Harry Potter. So why not combine them?! We thought this was such a cute way to bring both magical designs together. For the Harry Potter fanatic – you’re probably in love with this design!

16Painted Unicorn Horn

This horn design is something anyone can recreate. It’s simple, cute and fun! If you aren’t able to get the textured horn nail, like you’ve seen earlier in the list, this is a great alternative to try. Bring the unicorn look into full effect with iridescent polish as the base.

17Stiletto Horn Nail

We love how they’ve combined two different nail shapes in this unicorn manicure. Definitely not something we see often, but we love it! Don’t be afraid to mix up the shape of your nail to take your designs to the next level. The great part about acrylic nails is how easy they are transform shape and length wise.

18Pink Unicorn Design

Pink ladies, these unicorn nails are for you. Play up the pink tones with a unicorn design and pastel flowers. It’s girly, feminine and so cute for spring and summer. Swap out the pastel pink for a darker shade to bring this look into the fall and winter seasons.

19Iridescent Polish Illustrated

Nail decals come to life with some iridescent nail polish. We love how easy this manicure is to recreate. All you need is an iridescent polish, unicorn and star nail decals/stickers and you’re all set. The textured nail adds to the unicorn design but you don’t need it to get a cute nail look.

20Unicorn Iridescence Inspired

Keep it simple with unicorn nails like this. Sometimes you just want to have solid colors nails, but still honor a specific theme or trend. These purple iridescent nails are the perfect way to keep your nails super simple (DIY these with no problem) but hone in on the unicorn vibe.

21Rainbow Unicorn Tail

Elongate the unicorn magic with a long, rainbow tail painted onto multiple nails. We suggest using a nail friendly pen to draw the design onto the nails and use nail polish to fill in the colors. Go with a simple white nail color base or add the ombre effect shown here.

22Rhinestone Touches

Pink and blue have never looked so…magical. This is an abstract way to embody the unicorn vibe to your nails. Mixing the colors together, adding various glitters, rhinestones and effects. It doesn’t have to be perfect or symmetrical!

23Cartoon Style Unicorn Design

My little pony turned nail art. The big eyed unicorn is so cute on these nails. We love how they brought different design elements onto each nail for an over-the-top unicorn manicure. Use this for inspiration if you want to embrace your inner unicorn.

24Bronzed Unicorn

So many of the unicorn manicures are in the classic bright and light color palettes, we love that this design has a fall vibe. As we approach the fall season, use these bronzey tones in your unicorn nails to match the change of seasons. Complete the fall touch with leaves used on the unicorn’s head – so cute!

25Unicorn in the Night

Galaxy, unicorn and glitter…what else do we need? Galaxy nails were a huge trend last year (and still are, honestly). There’s few things we love more than combining various nail trends together into one nail cohesive nail design. Use a stencil to get the unicorn shape onto a white nail perfectly like this.

26Neutral Unicorn Style

Love the neutral nail colors that are everywhere these days? Keep in theme with that vibe but add a unicorn twist to get a design like this. The nude nail polish gets a little glam twist with extra shine added to the top and really brings out the unicorn design.

27Unicorn Ombre Glitz

If you have a hard time choosing just one color at the nail salon, say goodbye to that frustration with these unicorn nails. Why stick to just one color when you can have all the colors?! Top the rainbow ombre with glitter for some added magic.

28Named Unicorn

Personalize your unicorn nails with your name! Of course, you can paint any name onto your nails but you get the point. This is such a cute way to achieve the most personal nail design. It doesn’t get much more personal than a name.

29Cloudy Magic

Add personality and color to unicorns by painting the hair on in rainbow colors. It really gives the unicorns an added pop next to pale pink glitter polish used as the base color. Clouds painted onto the other nails is optional, but definitely adds something extra to the design.

30Simple Unicorn Vibe

We love how simple this unicorn design is. It’s a great example of how you don’t need to be a professional artist to have fun with this nail trend. The best way to do something like this is by using a small paint brush and get a small amount of paint onto it – this will give you more control over the paint.

31Girly Unicorn Magic

Barbie unicorn, anyone?! For the woman who loves pink nails. What gives this the added unicorn theme is the horn textured nail and ombre glitter. Use your creativity!

32Glitter Horn Texture

You’ve probably noticed a theme here – lots of horn inspired nails shapes and textures to get the unicorn style. There’s something really fun about combining different nail shapes with this trend. Of course you can get a similar look by simply painting various colors onto a nail in a similar design to get the look of a horn.

33Rainbow Bright Unicorn

Keep it light and fun with rainbows and unicorns painted onto your nails. The fun thing about this trend is anything goes, mix different colors and designs together for your unicorn manis.

34Glitz and Glam Magic

Didn’t we say anything goes? These are MAJOR. We love how they’ve used bright colors, glitter and rhinestones to accent the unicorn design. Choose one, two or all of the elements here to add some unicorn vibes to your next manicure.

35Unicorn Glitter

Painting the base of your nails in an ombre-like rainbow is always going to be a win, especially when you’re trying to achieve unicorn inspired nails. Add rhinestones and silver glitter to the top to bring the trend to life even more.

36Stiletto Pastels

37Princess Unicorn

38Magic Touch

39Chic Unicorn Glitter

40French Unicorns