Grey Acrylic Nails Designs

Grey Acrylic Nail Designs

Grey is a great colour for transitioning between warmer and colder seasons as you can have various shades that fit in the different seasons. However, very few people think of grey as a colour contender. In fact, some of you will think grey is dull and boring. Well, not on our watch! We are going to show you how grey can be an amazing colour choice for your next nail design. You will be surprised how grey’s neutral undertones compliment so many different nail designs and nail art. Here are 40 grey acrylic nail designs to inspire and make you change your mind.

1Just Grey Acrylic Nails

Just a coat of grey on nicely shaped long nails makes a good end of summer nail look. You can opt for a matte or normal topcoat to play around with your finish.

2Grey Ombre Acrylic Nails

Lighten the grey’s mood by using an ombre effect. Start with the grey at the bottom of the nail and create an ombre to white at the nail tips.

3Grey Silver glitter Chrome Acrylic Nails

Grey does not mean dull! Use reflective/mirror nail foil on an accent nail and grey-silver glitter polish on another accent nail to create the shine that you need.

4Grey and Glitter Acrylic Nails With Diamonds

Take the bling levels up by adding a grey-silver accent nail and adding rhinestones and gems to another nail. Give the other nails a matte finish for a more contrasting look.

5White and Grey Marble Nails

Nothing will make a grey nail look more sophisticated than adding marble effect on accent nail. Use white and grey to create the classic marble look.

6Simple Leaves Nail Art

Keeping the grey light and coating accent nails in white then adding simple outlines of stems of leaves creates this light and minimalist look.

7Grey Coffin Geometric Nail Design

After a coat of your shade of grey choose some thin stripe nail foil. Cut pieces of this foil at transfer it on the nails to create points and chevron shapes.

8Smoky and Glittery Coffin Nail Design

Replicate this smoking hot look. Using different shades of grey and glitter nail polish create a marble effect on an accent nail.

9White Grey Ombre Acrylic Nail Design

A great natural look for a wedding or prom. Use a very light grey to create and ombre to white and and glitter polish on accent nail.

10Sparkly Grey Acrylic Nails

Bedazzle completely one of your nails by adding rhinestones and gems. Then add extra sparkle by adding rose gold glitter on accent nails. The muted grey will make the gold sparkle pop out more.

11MAtte Almond Shaped Grey Acrylics

Create an accent nail by using a lighter grey nail polish than used on the rest of your nails. Add some rhinestones to make this nail more of an accent.

12Dark Grey and Wine Acrylic Nails

No one said that you have to get a full set of grey nails. Pick another colour that compliments the shade of grey polish you used and go halves on one of the nails.

13Chrome Foil Nail Design

This definitely makes your grey more vibrant. Get hold of chrome nail foil and transfer pieces of it on one or more nails. Give your nails a futuristic look.

14Sparkly Grey Coffin Acrylic Nails

A bit of sparkle can never go amiss or even a full set of dark sparkly grey nails like this one. Perfect look for a party or an evening event.

15Grey and Rose Gold Nail Design

Give your grey manicure a special edge to it. Use rose gold nail polish or nail foil to line the edges of your nail beds. The cold undertones of the grey make the warm undertones of the rose gold pop more.

16Diamond Edges Nail Design

Pick your accent nails and line the edges of those nails with diamond looking nail stickers. This rich look is great for a wedding or prom look.

17Foily Leaves Nail Design

Leaves are a very popular nail art but this look is quite unique. Use silver nail foil to create the leaves of your nail art. This creates a monochrome dainty look on the grey polish.

18Love Heart Grey Pink Acrylic Nails

Use a grey nail polish on an accent nail only as the base for a black love heart nail art. Always spread the love.

19Diagonal Lines Nail Design

Get some dark nail foil lines and transfer them on an accent nail. Use sparkly nail foil on a matte base for a modern effect.

20Modern French Manicure

Give the French manicure a twist by using two different shades of grey to create the style.

21Black Grey Silver Stars Nail Design

22Gold Foil Nails

23Polka Dots Nail Design

24Pink Swirls Acrylic Nail Design

25Sparkling Waterfalls Grey Acrylic Nails

26Birds Nail Art Grey Matte Acrylic Nails

27Minimalist Glitter Blue-Grey Nail Design

28Baroque Motifs Nail Design

29Abstract Portrait Acrylic Nail Design

30Triangle Tips Grey Acrylic Nails

31Dream Catcher Acrylic Nail Art

32It’sPink White Ombre Grey Acrylic Nails

33Grey Dotty Tips Nails

34Falling Leaves Dark Grey Nails

35Black and Grey Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails

36Acrylic Winter Nail Design

37Matte Grey Pink Acrylic Nails and Diamonds

38A Hint of Leopard Print Grey Acrylic Nails

39Black Contouring & Grey Acrylic Nails

40Grey Florals Acrylic Nails

41Wedding Grey Acrylic Nail Design

42Grey Peach Matte Acrylics


We did say that we are going to try and change your mind and make you see that grey is in fact not dull or boring at all. Just like with any other colour there is so much that you can do with grey and much more because of it’s neutral position in the colour chart.

In these stunning designs, you can see various nail designs and nail art that do the colour grey justice and bring it to life. It is a great base to pick in the transitional seasons when one minute it’s warm and one minute is chilly so your wardrobe is constantly changing. It is also a great base for various sophisticated looks that you can easily take to evening and night events or big events like weddings and prom.

The great thing about grey is that you’ve got so many shades from really light to really dark. This gives you a range of options on the nail look you are going for. So all that is left for you to do is pick one of these 40 grey acrylic nail designs and make it yours.