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Nude Acrylic Nail Designs

Nude nails have become more popular than ever over the past year. We’re not THAT surprised, to be honest, because nude nails have always been a chic color option. Contrary to popular belief, nude nails are anything but basic (or boring). In fact, we’ve stumbled upon some nude acrylic nail designs that are jaw droppingly gorgeous. Whether you prefer a simple, subtle nail design or you like something with a little more glitz and glam added to it we’ve got you covered with 40 nude nail designs that you’re going to become instantly obsessed with. We’ve already got a few saved for our next trip to the nail salon.

1Shaped with Grace

We thought it was appropriate to kick things off with a classic nail design. It doesn’t get any more chic than this. The nude color is stunning and looks beautiful with the almond shape of these acrylic nails.

2Marble Chic

Marble nail designs have been quite popular recently. If you like the aesthetic but still want a nail design that’s not too over the top, this is ideal for you. The nude color used as the base tones down the nail look, with just enough interest with black and gold marbleizing.

3Nude Turned Glam

Nude nails get a major glam update when they’re mixed in with glitter and gold chrome. Don’t have long acrylic nails? No worries, you can rock a nail design like this with short or long nails. Make it your own with different golden touches.

4Clearly Nude Style

Did you ever think CLEAR nails would be a thing? Well…they are and we have to say we’re into it. Add instant interest to classic nude nails by opting for one clear nail. Add some texture to the clear nail with rhinestones or another texture.

5Complimentary Nude

Rhinestones not really your thing? Adapt a similar look to the previous nude nail design but instead of rhinestones mix in metallic flakes. This is great if you feel like rhinestones get caught on your clothes or you use your hands daily at work.

6Crystalized Style

Keeping things monochromatic this nude nail design is pretty epic, if you ask us. The crystal-like finish of the complimenting nails adds a unique texture look while keeping things neutral.

7Embellished Neutrals

We’ll always have a weakness for nails that add embellishments to them. Nude acrylic nails definitely aren’t basic when you add embellishments like this to the mix. You can even DIY this at home with glue and rhinestones – pretty simple!

8Longtime Love Affair

Long nail lovers, this nail look has your name written all over it. If you’re into the super long look, keep it chic with a gorgeous nude nail color. It adds the illusion of even more length to your nails. The added shine finish creates a modern feel.

9Dainty Nude Design

10Flower Power Style

Flowers aren’t just great to have around the house, they’re just as pretty when painted onto a nude acrylic nail. Instead of the typical colorful flowers, we really love that the flower design was applied to one nail in white for a cohesively neutral look.

11Glittery Nudes

Glitter is a go-to nail polish to choose when you want some glamour on your nails. However, that doesn’t mean you need a LOT of glitter to get the glam effect. In fact, this nude nail design proves all you need is a touch of it to elevate nude nails.

12French Fades

French manicures will forever be a favorite of ours, we’re sure you’re right there with us. Do yourself a favor and go for a modern take on the classic nail design with an ombre-like French aesthetic. It feels so unique and special while giving you enough nude to be neutral.

13Rhinestone Edginess

Another gorgeous example of a little glamour detail going a long way with nude nails. This is for the glamour girl who loves making a statement with her nails. Rhinestones added to one nail on each hand is all you need when the rhinestones are strategically placed like this.

14Elevated Glitz

Can you say GORGEOUS?! We’re obsessing over this nude acrylic nail design. The nude color is a gorgeous light tone that’s great for spring/summer. Of course, the rhinestones and glitter don’t hurt the design.

15Simple Glitter

The glam nude manicures just keep coming because, well…we all love the glitz and glam. If you want some glam added to your nails but don’t want it to be the first thing people notice this is a great option to try out. The glitter is pretty neutral, only reflecting color when the light hits for
just enough glitz.

16Golden Gate Glitter

For the woman who wants a little more of a statement with gold glitter on nude nails, you’ll want to bring this to your next nail appointment. One nail in solid gold glitter, another in a gold glitter stripe design and the rest in nude is pure perfection in our eyes.

17Marble Vibes

You didn’t think you saw the last of the marble inspired nail designs, did you? Another gorgeous way to incorporate the nail trend into nude nails. This manicure has an added twist with a clear base complimenting matte nude nails.

18Flaked in Iridescence

Glitter comes in all shapes and sizes. We don’t know about you but we love all glitter equally. Classic nude acrylic nails get an edgy, glam twist with iridescent flakes added to the mix.

19Peaked in Shine

If you haven’t had enough of the iridescent trend, you’ll be all over this nude nail design. Iridescent polish added to just the ends of the nails creates an elongated effect to long acrylic nails that’s so fun and edgy.

20Initialed Style

Say it with your nails! Whether you want to add your own initial, a significant others, your child, or someone else adding an initial to your nails is a cute way to personalize your nude nails. Add the initial in black to allow it to really pop on the nude tone.

21Stripes with Nude

22Textured in Nude

23Juxtaposition Styling

24Mixing Neutrals

25Mattified Nude

26Nude Polish, Complimented

27Rotating Glam

28Peachy Nude Polish

29The Perfect Neutral

30Delicate Touches

31Added Glamour

32Shades of Nude

33Simplistic Classy

34Unexpectedly Chic

35Silver Sharpness

36Easy Glitz

37Star Light, Star Bright

38Swirling in Neutrals

39Keeping it Stylish

40Geometric Edge


Feeling inspired? We’re willing to bet you didn’t realize nude nails could
be so versatile. Thanks to pinterest and nail artists sharing their designs, there are limitless ways to rock nude nails in a whole new way.

Even if you stick to nude as your color base for the next couple of months you wouldn’t likely run out of design ideas. Pretty amazing if you ask us!
Personally, we love the addition of glitter and rhinestones added to nude nails. Since nude is often thought of as a classic neutral color, mixing in textures and shine with those elements makes the classic color feel like it’s something entirely different than you’re used to rocking on your manicure.

Of course, you don’t ALWAYS want to have a super glamorous nail design (or do you?). For those times when you don’t necessarily want glamour on your nails we love the concept of playing around with different textures with nude nails. That can mean adding a really shiny finish to the top or a matte finish – among other options.

As always, what we love about nails in general is it isn’t something that’s permanent. That means that you can really have fun, experiment and try new things without repercussions. You only have to live with it until your next nail appointment and let’s be honest – that isn’t THAT long of a time frame. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t tried a nude nail design yet, now is your time to shine. Save your favorites from our list and be prepared to become hooked on the nail color.