Squoval Nails

Long and Short Squoval Nail Designs

We’re sure this happened to everyone at some point; You went to the nail shop and was asked: “What shape do you want your nails?” For a few seconds, you’re there thinking hard feeling like this is the biggest decision of your life. There are various shapes you can give your nails but here is why in this post we are advocating for the squoval nail shape. It is a very natural-looking shape, whether long or short, and it provides a good canvas for any nail design. And because we like making your life easier, we are providing you with 40 different squoval nail designs for your inspiration.

1Mini Eggs Nail Design

Mini Egg lovers, you will love this too. Perfect for Easter time but also a good one for the spring/summer season with pastel shades as your base.

2Leafy Squoval Nails

This is like looking at leaves up close. With a line down the centre of the nail and diagonal lines coming out of the centre. You can have this nail art in whatever colours you fancy.

3Lace Patterns Squoval Nails

Over a base of your choice, plain or ombre, create this beautiful lace pattern. You can get nail foil in this pattern and then refer to our previous ‘Nail Foil Designs’ post to see how to apply it.

4Don’t Go Beyond the Line

The perfect minimalistic look right here. Split your nail in half and coat one half with a colour of your choice. Leave the other half clear and simply add a black line. This is perfect for any season.

5Earth Garden Squoval Nails

Add stems of different types of leaves and flowers on accent nails. This dainty nail art fits well with nudes and muted shades.

6Tropical Sunset

Get your holiday vibes on. Create an ombre from pastel blue-pink-orange-yellow, mimicking the sunset sky and add palm trees and birds. All you need now is a cocktail.

7Lady in Red Squoval Nails

Pick your shade of red and coat your nails except for the ring finger nail. Over a nude or white, use the same red to draw a flower adding some white accents.

8Cloudy Marble Nail Design

This cloudy marble effect is so dainty and sophisticated that you would want it on your nails. You can create this effect with any colour of your choice.

9Bling Bling Squoval Nails

Keep all your nails matte and then add rhinestones on an accent nails. The rhinestones against the matte look of your nails will sparkle more.

10Floral Black Squoval Nails

Keep your nail art matte too. Choose an opaque polish in the same shade as your other nails as a base for your nail art. This will make your nail art look like velvet.

11Pink-Silver Squoval Nails

Any colour with a cold undertone can be the base of this look. Then on accent nails transfer nail foil stripes of different thickness. Minimal, modern and simple.

12Rose Gold Sparkle Squoval Nails

Add a bit of rose gold and sparkle by giving an accent nail a coat of this shade. You can also use the same colour to add accents on other nails.

13French Manicure Classic

The French manicure is a classic look and the best it looks is on squoval nail shapes of whatever length.

14The Roses Squoval Nail Art

Get this girly pattern on your nails. Keep the tone of your base pink-nude and then add red and white roses on various nails.

15Green and Blue Nail Design

The squoval shape is the perfect shape to add a chevron effect using different colours. Do this on an accent nail using complementary colours.

16Princess Pink and Diamond Nails

Using different rhinestone and gems, stick them on your nail in the shape of a tiara to create this princess look. Definitely prom perfect.

17Pastel Confetti Squoval Nails

The squoval nail tips are the perfect shape to start a gradient of confetti looking glitter towards your nail bed. Create your own party!

18Diamonds Squoval Nails

Add some diamond looking rhinestones on accent nail over nude coated nails. Diamonds are indeed a girls best friend because they are a dainty form of bling.

19Eyelashes Nail Design

Simple and cute look created over a nude base and a simple outline nail art of eyelashes. Perfect art for the centre of short squoval nails.

20Black Ombre Squoval Nails

Long squoval nails are perfect for an ombre look. This white to black ombre is the most modern and minimalist ombre you can get.

21White Nail Beds

22Silver Crescent Squoval Nails

23Dark Edges Nail Art

24Triangles Nail Design

25Pink White Ombre Squoval Nails

26Gun Metal Nail Colour

27Hint of Pink Squoval Nails

28Spotty Tips Nails

29Black and Silver Champagne Pop Nails

30Night Skies

31Nude – Pink Squoval Nails Diamond Edges

32The Universe Nail Design

33Black Matte and Gold Accent Squoval Nails

34Green Marble Nails

35Geometry Nail Design

36Rose Gold Squoval Nails

37Neutral Nails and Gold Edges

38Rhinestones Squoval Nails

39Delicate Stripes Nails

40Prom Squoval Nails


As we’ve already said, squoval nail shapes are the perfect canvas for any nail design. We have just shown you 40 designs and nail art ideas based on squoval nails and there is plenty more from where that came from.

When you go to the nail salon you are always asked what shape would you like your nails, especially if they are long. There are many nail shapes but the main battle is between 7 different shapes; squoval, rectangle, oval, almond, rounded, coffin and stiletto. Which is why we all stop and deliberate carefully before giving an answer. Choosing squoval is the best and potentially the safest option because it is a very natural shape regardless of the length of the nail. All other nail shapes are distinct or harsh and they become harsher as the nail grows longer, which means that the shape itself will be competing with the nail design or art. Also, shapes like coffin and stiletto give you a smaller tip and as a result a small area for your design.

The neutral shape of squoval allows you to experiment with any design; lines, curves, ombre, etc. It also gives you the option to base your art towards the nail tip or the nail bed. This is very clear in the 40 squoval nail designs that we’ve shown you and we hope we have convinced you.