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Lavender Nail Polish Colors

Spring is JUST around the corner and that means it will be a new season filled with all new colors to paint our nails. There’s something so refreshing about that, don’t you think? New season = new nail colors. Ahh music to our ears. This spring season you can expect to see a lot of lavender gracing nails of women everywhere. It’s a color that’s already started to gain a lot of popularity on social media and we’re guessing it’s only going to continue to grow. You know we love to keep you ahead of the trends which is why we’re dishing on some really fun lavender nail colors and designs that are stunning – to give you some fresh ideas to take on the spring season in style.

1Classic Lavender

Dip your nails into the lavender pond with a classic take. When your nails have a great shape, like these almond acrylics, you can keep your nails simple with a solid polish color. This lavender hue is stunning!

2Lavender Striped

Add an unexpected edge to lavender nails with stripes. To allow the lavender to still be the main color, opt for neutrals like black and white (as pictured). It doesn’t overpower the lavender but adds some fun edginess!

3Metallic Striping

Give your springtime nails a glam update! We absolutely adore how they’ve added gold metallic stripes to lavender nails for added shine and texture.

4Clear Lavender Florals

These lavender nails just scream springtime! Aren’t they amazing? Rotating solid lavender nails with clear acrylics that have been embellished with flowers is such an incredible combination for the spring season.

5Seeing Through Lavender

Lavender nail polish is stunning for the warm weather seasons. Want to add some fun texture to the color? Add a matte finish to the top! The change in finish really changes the aesthetic of the color.

6Lightly Lavender

Another example of how you can keep it simple with lavender nail polish and still be left with a gorgeous manicure. This particular lavender shade is on the lighter side where it almost looks white at first glance.

7Lavender Demasking

Add a pop of style and depth to simple lavender painted nails with a design in a contrasting shade of purple. We adore the monochromatic take on this design, staying in the purple color family.

8Lavender Iridescence

Lavender nails aren’t always super feminine and light! This manicure shows us how lavender can be turned into a totally edgy, glamorous design. Pair lavender iridescent polish with lavender glitter and you’re golden!

9Fluttering in Lavender

How incredible are these lavender acrylics? The ombre effect, leaving the tips clear really adds dimension to the nails and allows the butterfly shaped glitter to stand out.

10Coffin Clear Lavender

Break up solid lavender nail polish by incorporating negative space into the design. Leaving open space on a couple of nails gives these nails a more modern feel to the look.

11Modern Design Touches with Lavender

We love the small design touches to these matte lavender nails. Adding a matte finish creates great texture to the nails that really enhances the glitter and clear space elements that were added to accent nails.

12Glitzy Lavender

Is there any color glitter doesn’t look good with? We can’t think of any. Painting nails in a gorgeous lavender color gets just a little glitzy pop when glitter is painted onto one nail.

13Lavender Flower Design

Take the lavender nail trend literal by painting actual lavender flowers onto your nails. This is such a cute design! Adding small touches of green really adds to the realistic feel of the flower design.

14Delicate Lavender

Another gorgeous way to add lavender flowers onto nails. This take on the lavender flower design is incredibly modern as it’s painted onto nude polish. We love the 3D effect of the flowers, too!

15Lavender French Tips

French manicure gets a springtime upgrade with lavender polish! Swap out the go-to white color for tips for a pretty lavender color. It’s a subtle shift but gives a whole different vibe to the classic design.

16Glam Lavender Glitz

Lavender goes GLAM with this design. Mixing a couple of different design elements together, using lavender nail polish, is a major win when the result is this stunning.

17Glitter Lavender

Add glam to your lavender nails, with a monochromatic twist. Combining lavender nail polish with lavender glitter = monochromatic realness! This would look great on any nail length.

18Lavender Ombre Shine

Ahh there’s something about ombre that always works on nails. Get a reverse French manicure type of vibe with ombre using white and lavender polish. Complete the look with glitter placed in a fun design.

19Lavender Glitter Tips

Continuing some of the French manicure inspired designs, this time it’s being done with glitter. Start with your favorite lavender nail polish color. Then add multi color glitter just to the tips of nails in an ombre like effect.

20Loving Lavender

We LOVE lavender. No really… we do. Especially when lavender is used to create such a unique design like this. Combining solid lavender nails with nude nails is a fresh aesthetic that gets completed with heart shaped embellishments.

21Holographic Lavender Tone

You’ve likely seen a lot of holographic nail polish floating around the internet. It’s probably been a lot of the silver or white based polish, a fun way to change up the trend a bit is by opting for a lavender based polish like this.

22Lavender Accented Iridescently

It really is all about the iridescent nail polish this year! Don’t hesitate to combine iridescent polish with pastel lavender nail polish. The combination is unexpected but so fun.

23Marbled with Lavender

Marble designed nails seem like they’ve been all over Pinterest and Instagram for years now. Most often with white and black. That’s why we love this updated take on the design, using lavender and clear acrylics!

24Astrology Lavender

Add embellishments to your lavender nails for a 3D effect. We’re loving the way they created a sky-like design using star and moon embellishments.

25Lavender Meets Nude

Ombre doesn’t always have to be bold to look great applied to nails. Combining nude and a light lavender shade together here gives ombre a more subtle feel that looks wonderful.

26Lavender Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for the fall and winter anymore! This is such a fun way to transition the traditionally cold-weather pattern into the spring and summer – by using lavender nail polish. Of course we love the addition of lavender glitter mixed in, too.

27Polka Dot Lavender

Aren’t these lavender polka dot nails adorable? Giving us all the spring vibes! Lavender nail polish gets a fun design addition with white polka dots. Using white keeps the color palette light and fresh feeling.

28Chic Lavender Design

We showed you a lavender marble design a few slides back, here’s another way to use lavender to get that marbled effect. This combination is a bit edgier as it’s combined with a dark purple polish.

29Chrome Striped Lavender

Light and bright! That’s usually the theme of springtime manicures. Use two different shades of lavender polish to recreate this type of design. The differences are subtle but definitely add contrast!

30Textured Lavender Nails

If you like an over the top manicure you’re probably in awe of these lavender nails. Adding this rhinestone-like texture to an accent nail brings lavender nails to another level – in a good way, of course!

31Matte Lavender Floral

Incorporating subtle details to a gorgeous lavender nail color can completely change the way your nails look in the color. Here they added a matte finish and pretty white flowers to an accent nail and it’s a winning combo!

32Mixing Lavender Designs

We can’t get enough of manicures that adapt multiple designs onto every nail. It’s such a fun way to create a unique manicure and really show your personal style. Sticking with a color scheme, like lavender here, gives the look more cohesiveness.

33Matte Marble for Spring

You didn’t think we were done with the marble designed nails, did you? These embrace the classic white and black marbling we’ve all seen quite a bit, but combined with matte lavender brings the design into the spring with ease.

34Lavender Mattified

Lavender nail polish comes in a variety of different shades and tones – which gives you a lot of opportunity to find a color you really love! We love this brighter shade of lavender for a little more pop than the pastel colors we often see.

35Lavender Pastel Glitter

Pastel lavender more your speed? This is a fun way to rock pastel lavender nail polish with a little glam. Adding lavender toned glitter to an accent nail maintains some consistency in the color scheme.

36Rhinestone Embellished Lavender

37Silver Glitter Edge

38Subtly Striped

39Watercolor Florals

40White Lavender Ombre