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Nail Art Pattern Ideas

Nail art is something we absolutely adore around here. We love showcasing new ideas, designs, and creativity here on our site. If you’re looking for new nail patterns and need a little extra boost in the inspiration department when designing your own nail art, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some really fun nail art pattern ideas to share with you.

1Abstract Lines

Such a unique nail art pattern, don’t you agree? Painting thin lines in an abstract type of manner, onto each nail gives white nail polish a modern upgrade. You can use any color(s) you desire for this design.

2Art Deco Inspired

Whether you’re an art deco fan or not, it’s hard to deny that this nail art pattern is fun! Painting stripes that crisscross like this, in a bold color no less, makes this anything but your basic striped manicure.

3Vintage Art Themed

We’ve all seen art in the 60’s with this aesthetic. Major vintage vibes! If you’re a fan of that decade of art this is the pattern for you to give a try next. Use tape to section off portions of the nail to make it easier to recreate.

4Falling Leaves

How cute is this manicure for the fall season?! We absolutely love it! Use nail decals to get that super realistic look you see here. Of course, if nail decals aren’t really your think you can paint leaves right onto nails. Or you nail artist can!

5Aztec Patterns

Aztec inspired patterns have made their mark on everything from fashion to interior, and now it’s made its way to nail art. This picture is showcasing nail stickers that help you to achieve a detailed pattern like this, in an instant.

6Loving Art

Do you love, love? This nail art pattern is for you then! Nothing encompasses that loving vibe quite like heart patterned nails. We thought the black and white color scheme here gave a bit of edge to the manicure.

7Blue Star Design

Another super classic nail art pattern: stars! You really can’t go wrong with a good, classic star-patterned nail design. Because it’s such a classic and streamlined aesthetic you can paint it onto nails using any color(s) of your choice.

8Blue Tribal Art

We love when people take inspiration from different cultures to have fun with nail art. This tribal inspired design is simply stunning. Using blue and white as the base colors gives a fun pop of brightness and lightness to the black pattern.

9Seeing Stripes

Do you tend to lean towards wearing darker nail colors this time of year? Us too! Fortunately, you can still have a super unique and stylish manicure while using dark nail polish. Adding a pattern on top of clear nails is a trendy way to do it!

10Candy Cane

The Christmas season is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to get nail art inspiration than now. Keep it classic for Christmas with a candy cane inspired pattern. We’re in love with this swirled candy cane look.

11Checkerboard Pattern

This nail art pattern is for those who have a need for speed! Bring your love of racing right to your manicure with this checkerboard pattern. It’s synonymous with racing, making it perfect if that’s your thing.

12Cow Pattern

You may have noticed, or not, that cow pattern has become a big trend recently. While it’s been primarily seen in the fashion world, we love that it’s also starting to make a presence in nails. The NEW animal print to try this season.

13Dice Themed Pattern

Now this is a nail art pattern we haven’t seen much of, and that’s why we love it so much. Get creative with your nail art! It doesn’t get much more creative than painting dice onto nails, even though it’s an easy pattern to recreate it makes a major statement.

14Gingham for Spring

Gingham is a pattern that’s long been synonymous with the spring and summer months. You’ve likely seen gingham in clothing quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be painted onto nails. They nailed this pattern using lavender and adding a glitter accent nail for a little added glam.

15Glam Meets Modern

Minimal designs are anything but minimal in regards to style. This manicure is the perfect example of that. While simple in the application, because of the simplicity it gives nails this incredibly chic aesthetic. The small touch of glitter gives just enough glam to complete the look.

16Neutral in Chevron

Chevron is a pattern that burst into the fashion and interior worlds a few years ago, whether you still have any chevron pieces in your wardrobe it happens to maintain its trendy appeal when applied to nails.

17Greek Inspired Pattern

Is this giving you Greek Goddess vibes? Same! We love a historical reference when getting creative with nail art. This sharp pattern is a fashionable way to add Ancient Greek inspiration to your manicure.

18Squared in Shades of Green

Nail art patterns don’t have to be incredibly detailed in order to give you a stand out manicure. As you’ve seen with a few of the manicures on the list so far. This is another great idea! Simple squares don’t look so ‘simple’ when they’re painted in different shades of green and have different placement around the nails.

19Frilled in Lace

Give your nails the ultimate feminine flair with a lace pattern painted onto them! This is such a pretty nail art design. What really adds more dimension and personality to nails is changing up the placement of the pattern on every nail.

20Palm Leaves

Plants have become a ‘thing’ this year…have you noticed? Chances are a lot of your friends have been getting into adding plants to their homes. Whether you’re on that same page or not, palm laves are another trending element we can thank the plants for – especially when they’re painted onto nails like this.

21Light Toned Dots

Another example of a simple nail art pattern that gives you an elevated manicure. Painting circles in various sizes and colors onto a neutral nail polish gives you this really chic and feminine aesthetic.

22Linked Circles

We love a stenciled pattern painted onto nails! The great thing about using stencils is they can give you this really great, symmetrical pattern without the need to have an incredibly steady hand or eye.

23Scaling Mermaids

Scale pattern on nails?! Perfect for the mermaid lovers of the world! This is another pattern you can likely find a stencil to get the look a little more easily at home. We have to say adding in a few chrome painted ‘scales’ really brings this look to life.

24Minimally Patterned

If you can’t tell, minimal designs is where it’s at this year! Especially if you’re doing your nails at home more often this year. Just get a straight edge like a piece of paper, ruler, etc. to get those perfectly straight lines painted onto your nails.

25Art Abstract

Nail art at its finest! There’s something about abstract art, no matter the medium, that gives this ultra-creative aesthetic to whatever it’s applied to. We’re in complete awe of the detail, while abstract, throughout each of these nails.

26Simply Striped

Here we go – another simple striped pattern that got a bit of a modern twist. Applying a pattern to your nails doesn’t have to mean it’s applied to the entire nail – case in point. Leave some negative space to give your nails a modern touch.

27Moroccan Themed Stencil

The stenciled patterns don’t disappoint, do they? Even though this is another (yes, another) stenciled pattern we feel it’s our duty to show you all the different options available in the nail world. Add a Moroccan aesthetic to your nails with this stenciled pattern.

28Clear Stripes

It’s not new news that clear nails are one of THE trends to try this year. Clear nails happen to make for the most perfect foundation to apply a nail art pattern to, as well. This striped pattern really pops because of the bold blue color used for stripes.

29Dainty Dots

We couldn’t resist another clear nail art design. This is similar to the previous slide, but of course it’s different. A great example of how even using a solid white polish, it gives clear nails a major style update.

30Palm Tree Sunsets

If you’re wishing you were on a beach, these palm tree nails are for you! Whether you’re heading to a beach vacation or not (due to the current state of affairs), palm trees are a fun addition to any nail design.

31Red and Rosey

Floral patterns have long been a go-to choice. That being said, there around thousands (literally!) of ways you can make floral patterns feel unique to your personal style. They opted for red roses in combination with nude polish for a feminine, modern interpretation.

32Bundled Up in Plaid

Plaid is one of those patterns many of us think of during the fall and winter seasons. It doesn’t have to be exclusive to clothing, though! Paint the cozy pattern onto nails like they’ve done here. Glitter gives a little extra glam to the mix.

33Cartoonized Roses

Flowers with a cartoon aesthetic? We’re here for it! Between the color combination and black outline here, this nail art pattern is perfection when you want a less formal floral design for your own nails.

34Cherry Blossoms

Yep, floral strikes again! This time with a cherry blossom inspired floral pattern. The turquoise polish used as the foundation color adds an Arizona tea type of feel that we’re certainly not mad at.

35Skulls and Stripes

Halloween or not – sometimes you just want a manicure that’s full of edge. Painting a skull onto your nails is a sure fire way to achieve an edgy manicure. While yes the skull adds a lot of edge here, the striped pattern and pink flowers give this really cool juxtaposition to the look.

36Swirled Style

37Triangular Pattern

38Leopard Pattern Chic

39Sweater Pattern Style

40Edgy Zebra