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Matte Black Nails

If you like your nails to have some edge, black is an easy color choice to select. As we approach the fall and winter seasons it’s a nail color many of us will begin wearing more. Dark colors = perfection during the cold weather months. But we don’t have to tell you that, you probably already have it in your rotation once the seasons change. One of our favorite ways to change up the feel of black nail polish is to add a matte finish. It adds some depth and interest to the texture of black polish and opens up a whole new world of opportunity to nail design ideas. Want to elevate matte black nails? Scroll through some of our current favorites!

1Add Abstract Interest

Matte black is a dark (obviously) color choice, while it’s gorgeous on its own if you want to add some color to it while still allowing the matte black to shine add an abstract color design to one nail. These are a great example of how the colors pop next to matte black.

2Keep it Simple + Chic

We love adding fun designs and colors to nails but sometimes all you need is one single color to make the perfect manicure. These matte black nails are perfection on their own! The almond shape of the nails adds some uniqueness to the color, too.

3Classic Matte Black Coffin

Another great example of keeping it simple with matte black nails. This time with coffin shaped nails. When you have a gorgeous nail shape all you need is a single color, it’s even better when that solid color is matte black.

4Juxtaposition Vibes

Want to add some glam vibe to your matte black nails? Play with an opposite nail effect like white glitter. The combination of matte black and white glitter is unexpected but pretty incredible if you ask us.

5Styled Clearly

Into the clear nail trend? You’re probably in love with this manicure as much as we are then. Matte black nails really stand out with one nail that’s left with a clear design. We love that they brought the colors together by adding some matte black design elements to the clear nail.

6Soft Triangles

Another way to incorporate the “blank space” or clear nail trend while still bringing in some edge with matte black. This is a softer way to add clear to matte black, by allowing it to show through on each nail. Use stencils or tape to section of the areas of the nails to paint around.

7Edgy Tips

Our jaws dropped when we stumbled across these matte black nails. Aren’t these insane?! They’re edgy, modern and trendy – all the things we love in a good nail design. If you want a matte black nail look that’s sure to stand out you have to try this.

8Modernize Matte Black

Since matte black is such an edgy look, a great way to soften the vibe of the color is to incorporate pastel tones into the design. We don’t often think of pastel nail colors during the fall and winter months but when they’re paired with matte black like this, you can rock them all year long.

9Zodiac Inspired

Into astrology? Get your zodiac sign painted onto matte black nails! This is such a fun idea for your birthday month or when it’s your zodiac season. Use white to paint on the constellation so it really pops next to matte black.

10Delicately Painted Matte

Delicately placed white polish on matte black polish is bound to give you a great result. The softness of white, in a very delicate design, perfectly stands out over matte black polish. We love that each nail offers its own unique design on these nails.

11Mickey Goes Edgy

Disney lovers, this manicure was made for you! We love this Mickey Mouse inspired design using matte black polish. A great way to bring your love of Disney into a more grown up, edgy manicure.

12Edgy Simple Glam

Add some glam to matte black nails, with a simple design. Adding some clear space with a pretty simple triangular design adds interest and style to nails. Doing something as easy as applying one single rhinestone onto the nails gives it that glam touch to elevate the nails.

13Eye See Matte Black

Bring some spiritual aesthetic into your matte black nails with an evil eye design. This is such a fun way to spice up matte black. Since the evil eyes include black into the design, it creates an easy flow between the nails.

14Gingham Vibes

You’ve probably owned (at least) one or two gingham patterned items of clothing. It’s a popular pattern for spring/summer wardrobes, a classic pattern at that. Bring that classic design into your matte black nails for a fresh pop! White always looks beautiful next to matte black.

15Glossed Details

We’ve always been fans of mixing and matching various textures of nail polish. It’s a great way to add interest to any nail color easily. These matte black nails get a whole different look with glossy black touches added to each nail.

16Glossy and Gold

If you like playing with matte and glossy textures but want a little more of a glam statement – these nails are for you to try. Incorporating the touches of gold metallic really elevate the textures and add so much style.

17Gold Foil Style

Ok, seriously?! Aren’t these nails next level insane?! The design is pretty simple yet makes such a statement. We can’t get enough of the inclusion of gold, clear and matte black in these nails. Such a fun design to rock on any nail length.

18Matte Painted Gold

Golden goddesses – these matte black nails are made for you! There’s always going to be something about gold and black, especially matte black. The opposing finishes look amazing together. Keep it easy with a “painted” look of gold on each nail. Hint: it doesn’t have to be perfect to look great!

19Studded with Style

We’re all about embellishments on nails around here. Are you with us on this one? It takes the stress out of nail design because all you need is some nail glue to make it happen! No need to be a professional artists. Try applying gold studs to matte black nails.

20Heartbeat Edge

Even the smallest of details can transform the look of matte black nails. Like this very dainty “heartbeat” style line painted in white. Of course, you can paint a straight line or anything else that’s easy to achieve. The point is, don’t over think it – keep it simple and easy!

21Animal Edge

Ahhh leopard print. Does it ever get old? We sure don’t think so. It’s a classic pattern that will eternally hold a special place in our hearts. Especially when leopard print is painted onto nails to compliment matte black nails. We love that they kept the foundation color a very light nude to further enhance the pattern.

22Designer Inspired Nails

Even if you can’t rock Louboutins on your feet – you can get a similar vibe with your nails! We’re getting major stiletto inspo from these nails. Matte black on top and an unexpected pop of red UNDER the nails?! Sign us up!

23Matte Meets Gloss

Bring your go-to French manicure into the dark side with these matte black nails. Great way to stick with a monochromatic aesthetic by just adding a glossy finish to the tips of nails to play off of the matte black finish.

24The New Moon

Didn’t we tell you simple designs are all the rage with matte black nails? Adding one crescent moon design onto one nail with matte black is perfection. We suggest painting the moon in a metallic polish like they did in this picture to add some shine to the mix.

25Sharply Matte Black

These nails scream modern, fresh aesthetic! Ideal for any nail length and shape this is so fun. All you need is to section off the areas with tape to get that nice crisp line. Matte black is a dark contrast to the light nude color, in all the right ways.

26Ombre Mattified Glam

Add an edge to an ombre effect on your nails by using matte black. Starting with a nude color at the base of the nails, fading into matte black at the ends is the definition of edgy. Complete the look with a little glamour by adding rhinestones in a color.

27Matte Stripes

Black and white doesn’t get much more classic, but it does get an updated take when using matte black polish. Make it a simple manicure by painting all the nails in a solid matte black color and add a light touch with white + black stripes on an accent nail.

28Black Triangle Design

Don’t be intimidated by this design, it’s much easier to recreate than you may think! Paint the nails in matte black and select 1-2 nails to paint in a nude nail color. Once the nude nails have fully dried use tape to section of an area of the nail you want to place a triangle shape. Paint the section with the matte black polish and voila!

29Pops of Color

Another matte black nail design that’s SUPER easy to DIY. Seriously! Start by painting each nail in the matte black polish. After it’s fully dried section of an area on the side of the nails to paint in different colors. You may need to paint the color area in a couple of coats to fully cover the matte black.

30Moon Phases

The full moon is symbolic in a lot of cultures, if you want to bring some of that symbolism to your nails this is a fun way to do that. We love how each nail shows a different phase of the moon here. Using matte black as the foundation color is an obvious winning choice.

31Negative Space Edge

How adorable are these matte black nails?! The subtle touch of negative space just at the base of the nail adds a feminine-like twist to the dark nail color. Completing the look with gold glitter where matte black and clear meet is gorgeous.

32Outlined in Pink

You probably haven’t seen a pop of color quite like this before. Talk about statement making nails, right? Allow matte black to be the highlight by painting the color of your choice to the outline of the nails. Great for any nail shape!

33Red Chrome Tips

We’ve been head over heels for the chrome nail trend this year and these matte black nails made us fall in love all over again. Such a cute way to add some color and texture to matte black nails, with a simple design. If you’re an edgy kind of woman, this is even fun for the holiday season!

34Rhinestones on Matte Black

Want an easy, yet glam nail design? This is the answer to your prayers. Simply paint your nails (any shape/length will work) in matte black polish. The magic comes in when you glue rhinestones onto 1-2 of the nails.

35Chrome Edgy Style

Similar to the red chrome nails a few slides back, this is a modern take on the design. Instead of applying chrome polish to the tips – reversing things and applying to the base of the nail. Fun, right? Of course you can use any color chrome polish you like for this look.

36Dainty Stripes

37Snake Inspired

38All the Stars and Moons

39Sunny Turned Dark

40Zigzagging Style