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Pedicure Designs for Summer and Spring

Ahhh pedicure season! The spring and summer seasons give us an opportunity to let our toes out. After wearing boots and closed toed shoes throughout the winter months, it’s fun to be able to rock the open toed shoes. We don’t know about you, but we tend to keep it pretty simple with our pedicures. You with us? If you want to have a little more fun with your pedicure designs, like us, scroll through to take a peek at some really fun ideas. These pedicure designs are perfection for summer and spring! You will be saying goodbye to boring pedicures after these.

1Colorful Polka Dots

The perfect transitional pedicure design! When it’s not quite spring, but you’re in that mindset using a dark color as the base color is an easy way to transition your pedicure from winter to spring. Add the touches of spring/summer to black nail polish with light color polka dots, rotate colors or keep them all the same.

2Baby Blue Spots

Light blue polish is such a pretty color for summer and spring pedicures. While it’s a gorgeous color on its own, add some more style to your pedicure design with white or silver polka dots added to the big toe. The color combination isn’t overpowering and will look great all season long.

3Shades of Blue

Can you tell it’s all about blue pedicures?! We adore these gorgeous blue tones. Using a bold blue color on all the toes, and applying a very subtle ombre effect to the big toe is just enough detail. Add some glam to your toes with rhinestones applied to the base of the big toe nail, or skip it!

4Desert Inspired

Bring a piece of the desert to your pedicure! Cactus’ are synonymous with warm weather, which makes them perfect for a summertime pedicure. Green glitter adds a gorgeous pop of color to simple white nails. The great thing about cactus art is it’s a pretty simple design to recreate, with minimal details.

5Cherry on Top

Ok, isn’t this pedicure design adorable?! Cherries are one of those patterns that will always be perfection for the spring and summer. Whether it’s on your clothes or on your toes! See what we did there? Paint cherries onto just your big toe, or add some more detail by applying the design to another toe nail – the choice is yours.

6Cobalt Flowers

Looking for a nice bold color for your toes this spring and summer? Cobalt blue is a gorgeous choice! As if the color alone wasn’t enough, take it up a notch to really hone in on the warm weather season by painting tiny white flowers onto the nails. We love that they kept it really simple with daisy-like flowers applied to the corners of the big toes.

7Rainbow Leopard

If you love animal print and color, this is the pedicure for you to try this spring and summer season. We don’t have to tell you how fun animal print designs are on nails, especially to spice up your pedicure. But these nails are a fun summer twist with the use of all the colors.

8Confetti Colors

Warm weather months are the ideal time of year to rock COLORS. This pedicure design is the epitome of a colorful look. Recreate this using any of your favorite colors. The best part? It’s SUPER simple to DIY, you can use a stencil or anything with a round/flat tip to get the dots. Use various sizes of dots to achieve a similar confetti aesthetic.

9Coral Style Ombre

Oh, coral! It’s another pretty color choice for toe nails during the warm weather seasons. Instead of just applying a solid coral polish to your nails, add some depth to the color by fading into white for an ombre effect. Go with ombre on all the nails or break it up with a coral flower added to the big toe for major summer style.

10Coral Mermaid

Even if you’re not a mermaid, you can always embrace your inner Ariel with a pedicure like this. Using coral nail polish as the foundation color is an obvious choice – it’s bright and summery. We love the use of gold to paint a scale design onto the nails. It gives the color some added glam.

11Crabby Styles

This crab design pedicure was too cute not to include in our list! Such a fun idea if you’re heading to a lake or beach vacation during the spring/summer seasons. This is giving us major Hamptons vibes – in all the right ways. Incorporating gold glitter polish to the design gives the right amount of depth and texture to mimic sand.

12Crowned Pedi

Honor your inner royal with this pedicure design. Anyone else getting crown vibes from the rhinestone design on the big toe? We thought so too, and we love it. We’ve all seen rhinestones used on our finger nails, don’t be afraid to bring the same look to your toes!

13Dainty Flower Pedicure

Painting the big toe in a different color and/or design is a fun way to mix up your pedicure. Similar to the way we see manicures using one nail as the accent nail. These toes are perfection for a soft design using this gorgeous pale pink color to accent one white toe. The colors are pulled together with delicate floral design.

14Purple Glam Toes

We’re in a purple haze with this pedicure. Isn’t this such a cute way to use purple polish on toes? Using a couple of different shades of purple gives a monochromatic look to toes. You can keep it simple with just solid purple on the toes or add some glitter to one toe like they did in these nails.

15Golden Glam

These are some of the most glamorous toe nails we’ve seen in a while! They’re modern, stylish and glam all at the same time. Bring the clear nail trend to your toes with this kind of design, allowing some of the nail to show through the design.

16Glitzing Hearts

For the women who enjoy a neutral toe nail color, this is such a fun way to keep the color consistent with your usual but with a little added twist. Sometimes you need to step outside your norm and try something new, this is such a great way to do that. Use any shape/design you like to achieve a similar look.

17Metallic Toes

Golden girls! These are the toes you’ve been looking for all season long. What’s not to love about gold glitter pedicures? This is such a cute way to break up all glitter toes, by rotating with white polish. The addition of gold chevron striping on the white nails is optional, but definitely gives the pedicure some more glam.

18Glittering Green Toes

When you want a pedicure design that’s super easy, but also really cute this is the look to try out. Choose a glitter polish in a bright color to encompass the warm weather season vibes. When you select a polish that’s ALL glitter, you don’t need anything else for a fun pedicure.

19Hawaiian Style

Whether you’re headed to an island vacation or not these toes are adorable. You can’t get wrong with bright pink toe nails, but the color gets an elevated look with a hibiscus design painted onto it. Make sure to use contrasting colors like they’ve done here so the floral design pops against pink.

20Lovely Lemons

Few things are more “summer” than lemonade! So why not bring some of that lemonade inspiration to your pedicure design. This shade of yellow is another beautiful color choice for spring and summer and it just so happens to be a lemon color. Add some additional contrast to the yellow with white and black stripes under the lemon design.

21Accented Animal Print

For the woman who sticks with a French design on her toes – this is a great way to keep within your usual pedicure routine but with a twist. Choose 1-2 toes to apply a leopard print design to. Keeping the foundation color white allows all the toes to toe in together.

22Neon Beach

Neon is a HUGE trend this year. Everything from clothes to nails and makeup is neon. Bring the trend to your toes for the summer and spring! Ultra bright colors are always a great choice for the warm seasons. Keep it easy with solid neon or add an ombre + palm tree design to one toe. To get a perfect palm tree like this use a stencil – you can find them online or at craft stores.

23Black Hearts

We know a lot of women like to keep their toe nails pretty neutral, but since your toes are going to be out more during the summer and spring it’s nice to add a little variation every once in a while. Painting a small heart in black polish, over a pretty neutral nail color, is an easy way to achieve that.

24Pretty Touches

Isn’t this pedicure design pretty? It encompasses the most beautiful feminine details in one look. Between the light color palette and simple rhinestone touches. Of course you can really make this your own by incorporating any of these attributes into your own pedicure.

25Shades of Pastel

If this pedicure design doesn’t scream spring time we don’t know what does. FYI: you don’t have to choose ONE nail color for your toes, mix it up! Applying a few different pastel tones to nails is such a fun and easy way to design a pedicure. We love how they added a touch of glam with one gold glitter toe.

26Edgy Pink Design

Another great example of bringing the negative space nail trend to your toes. It’s subtle but definitely adds a modern touch to these nails. Ideal for the woman who wants a little edge added to her pedicure design. Silver glitter and subtle black lines give pink polish some major edgy style.

27Pink Ombre Pedicure

Ombre design isn’t just for your finger nails – this pedicure is a great example of how to add the design beautifully to toes. Make your life easy by painting ombre onto the largest toe nail. Fading pink tone (or any other color you like) into white adds beautiful lightness to nails.

28Feminine Glam

Pink and purple go together like peanut butter and jelly, if you ask us. The key to mixing colors is choosing polishes that are in the same tone – see how they’re a similar color depth? Create a unique pedicure design with rotating colors on the nails. And no, both feet don’t have to be the same!

29Silver Stripes

We absolutely love this pedicure design. We’re suckers for pink polish on toes because, well…what’s not to love about it? It’s a go-to color for most women but this year we’re spicing things up and adding simple silver touches is a great (and easy) way to do that.

30Rhinestone Nude Polish

Chic pedi alert! These are some of the most chic toe nails we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Another fun idea on elevating your typical neutral nail color for the spring and summer seasons. The key here is to use small rhinestones to accommodate the smaller toe nails.

31Matte Glam Stones

Holy glam! Rhinestones are our Achilles heel, because of pedicure designs like this. Gluing rhinestones onto even just one nail (as shown here) is all you need to completely transform a simple nail color. Start with any nail color you like for this pedicure design. Get rhinestones from your local craft store for more variations.

32Gold Sparkling Pedicure

Ombre, glitter AND rhinestones all in one pedicure design? Yep. This pedicure is neutral yet full of glam all at the same time – and we’re here for it. If you love gold and glam this is the perfect pedicure to use as inspiration.

33Multi Color Flowers

Flowers are an obvious choice for a pedicure design during the spring and summer months. But you’ve likely had flowers on your nails a time or two in your life. This design is a modern twist, with the base of the nail being left clear!

34Starfish Styles

35Turquoise Triangles

Looking for a different color to paint your toe nails? Turquoise is such a pretty idea for spring and summer, and underutilized if you ask us. Break up the color with a negative space design like this. It’s really easy to accomplish – just use tape to section off the nail to paint around and get sharp edges.

36Watercolor Design

37Watermelon Toes

38Purple Polka Dots

39Chic in White

40Bright Color Pedicure