yellow acrylic nails

Yellow Nails Acrylic Designs

Just in case the blazing sun is not enough of a reminder or if you live in a country where it rains regardless of the season, we would like to remind you that it is summertime. Which means that it is only appropriate that you brighten up your nail look. What is bright and so screams summer?

You guessed it right…Yellow. Obviously, you can give your nails a coat of yellow and you’re done but we are about to show you 40 nail designs and nail art ideas using this colour which will make you want to go the extra mile with your nails.

1Palm Leaves Yellow Nail Design

The perfect summer nail art is a couple of palm tree leaves on accent nails. Together with a coat of bright yellow nail polish on the other nails, this makes the perfect tropical look.

2Orange Flowers Nail Design

Mix the yellow up with some orange based nail art. This yellow French Manicure look is made extra special with abstract orange flowers on accent nails.

3The Yellow Ombre Acrylic Nails

If you want a French Manicure but you think yellow is too harsh then use the ombre effect to go from nude to yellow on your nail tips.

4Butterfly Effect

While you colour some of your nails yellow, keep accent nails nude and then add half a butterfly nail art. If you want a more magical effect use glitter nail polish.

5Zigzag Nail Art

Here’s an easy one for you. Choose your shade of yellow and coat your nails except one or two that you want as your accent nails. Over nude or white then draw zigzag lines.

6Silver Sparkle Yellow Acrylic Nails

A touch of sparkle could never go amiss. However, yellow is a loud colour so don’t go overboard with the sparkle. Just use it on one accent nail.

7Origami Nail Art

This is by far the cutest nail look. Coat all your nails in a shade of yellow of your choice then draw a paper plane on one nail with a trail leading onto another nail. Simple and original.

8A Beach Holiday Nails

Create your own tropical island on your nails by adding palm trees and birds and hints of blue on an accent nail.

9Sunset Vibes Yellow Acrylic Nails

Sunset, the most romantic scene. So why wouldn’t you want it on your nails? So easy too. Create an ombre that goes from red at the bottom of the nail to yellow at the tip of the nail.

10Bring Out the Flamingos

We’ve added palm trees, butterflies and all sorts. Adding a flamingo in your nail art is very different and the pink clashes nicely with the rest of your yellow nails.

11Dripping Paint Yellow Acrylic Nails

Here’s a fun look for you. Choose a colour that contrasts well with yellow, pink is a good one, to create a dripping paint effect.

12French Accent Yellow Acrylic Nails

You might not want to go for the full French Manicure so instead you can opt to have a French manicure style on just an accent nail.

13Buzzing Bee Yellow Acrylic Nails

Yellow is the colour of bees so a bee as part of nail art is fitting. You also recreate the yellow and black stripe pattern associated with the bee.

14Leaves Nail Art

Green is quite a beautiful colour to use with yellow. So add some green leaves to make your yellow nail look pop out more.

15Stripes Nail Art

Using yellow and gold nail polish draw lines to create a stripy pattern on white coated nails. You can also add yellow and gold accent nails.

16Pineapple Yellow Acrylic Nails

Again with the tropical theme but this time it’s a fruit. Add a pineapple on an accent set of nails coated in a bright yellow polish.

17Yellow and Grey Acrylic Nail Design

Tone down the bright yellow coated nails with two muted grey nails. You can also add a hint of yellow to one of the grey nails to create a balance.

18On Fire

These nails are on fire…literally! Add a flame design from the tip of the nail towards the centre and use a hint of red to make the design pop.

19Floral Yellow Nail Art

Florals are a form of life which compliments the liveliness of the colour yellow. Add floral nail art and patterns on accent nails to bring your nails to life.

20Holographic Yellow Nails

Use a chromatic nail colour on accent nail to create a holographic look. See what the future holds for the yellow colour.

21Leopard Print Nail Design

22French Manicure With Lines

23The Sunflower Nail Art

24Geometric Motifs Almond Nails

25Batman Nail Design

26Gold Lines Nails

27Loony Toons Nail Art

28Swirly Nail Design

29Yellow and Black Nail Design

30Partially Yellow Nails

31Half a Sunflower Nail Art

32Yellow and Marble Nail Design

33Sparkly Yellow Nail Designs

34Yellow Nails with Rhinestones

35Pitstop Yellow Nails

36Palm Trees Nails

37One Gem Yellow Acrylic Nails with Diamonds

38Checked Accent Nail Design

39Daisies Acrylic Nails

40Gold Confetti Yellow Acrylic Nails


So what do you think about these stunning yellow nail designs? We hope that in the above designs we have proven to you that yellow is not such a scary color after all and there are so many different nail designs that go with it.

It is a bright colour and ideally, if you are getting a set of yellow-based nails, then you compliment them with neutral outfits so that not too much is going on in your whole look. It is also perfect for a beach holiday to brighten up your summer even more.

One thing that is a common factor amongst all these designs that we have shown you is that the simpler your nail design or nail art is the better. All you need is a little art or design that complements the yellow colour rather than fight with it for attention. You can see in the designs we’ve picked that simple can still mean fun and original. Also remember, that like any other colour, yellow comes in various shades. Be careful what shade you pick depending on what the design is. Yellow is bright even as a pastel shade so think deeply on the level of strength you want your yellow to have.

If you followed these tips and take a screenshot of one of the 40 designs we showed you to your nail shop, we guarantee you will be well chuffed with the final result and yellow will be your new thing.