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Trending Nail Colors: Cool Nail Colors in 2020

New year = new trending nail colors! Ahh how we love to welcome in a whole new set of nail colors with the start of every new year. Don’t you? That’s one of the things you can always count on in the beauty industry: it’s ever changing and evolving. Just like new fashion trends there’s a whole new grouping of beauty trends to welcome. Today, we’re focusing on the cool nail colors you can get on board with in 2020. If you’ve been stuck in a nail color rut and need some fresh choices to consider scroll through this list and go get your nails done!

1Barbie Inspired Pink

Pink tends to be one of those colors that always looks great on nails, whether it’s trending or not. This year that shade of pink made famous by Barbie IS trending. And not so shockingly: it looks pretty stunning.

2Pop of Orange

Shades of orange have gained a major following in 2020 so far, and will only continue to grow. It’s such a gorgeous shade for the spring and summer months. If you’re not really a pink kind of woman, but still want something that has that pop of color try orange!

3Neon Purple Hue

Neon hues had a major moment in 2019. We’re still going to likely see neon in 2020 but this year it’s all about neon PURPLE. The purple neon shade wasn’t used as often last year but it’s already become the go-to neon choice for a fun bright pop this year.

4Bright Shades Mixed

Ok so this isn’t necessarily ONE color, but it’s such a big trend we wanted to include it in the list of trending nail colors. Mixing together bold colors on your nails is probably the biggest trend of the year in the nail world. We love that they kept the bright tone of each shade consistent on these nails for a stunning POP.

5Mellow Yellow

Hello yellow! Yep it’s all about yellow in 2020. This bold shade of yellow is another gorgeous pop of color to add to your nails, a color that’s a bit different from the typical trending colors. It’s such a pretty color to add brightness to your manicure.

6Burnt Sienna

We’ll admit, at first we weren’t sure this was a nail color that would really catch on as a trend. But it’s quickly become a go-to hue for women everywhere. The fun thing about this burnt sienna inspired color is it’s a mix between a neutral and orange – something different from your typical neutral color choices.

7Classic Nude

Don’t worry nude nail lovers – nude nail polish isn’t going anywhere. At least not in 2020. This is the epitome of a classic nude nail polish. It’s perfect for the woman who likes a classic, chic color on her nails.

8Green Holographic

Holographic polish made waves throughout 2019 and it looks like its holding its reign in the New Year. This year, however, it’s all about the darker toned holographic polish. As you can see here, the holographic polish has a black or very dark base with shades of green and blue shining through.

9Fall Time Purple

Ahhh we love this purple nail color. We’ve all seen plenty of different shades of purple over the years, but we have to say we’re really feeling the fall toned shade in this picture. It’s edgy, feminine and feels so modern.

10Golden Hour

We’ve all loved metallic nail colors for quite some time. But like with many other nail trends, metallic shades have their moments of being trendy and times when it’s not. This year gold metallic glitter is going to be everywhere. The good news? You can combine it with just about anything to add a dose of glam.

11Blue Toned Gray

Much to our surprise, gray nail colors have burst onto the scene. We’ll admit we didn’t see this one coming but we’re really glad it did. Shades of gray have started to be shown on manicures everywhere. This blue toned gray shade is one of the most popular shades of gray for 2020.

12Lavender Hues

You may have noticed lavender has made its mark on the fashion industry for spring/summer, so it makes sense that it’s expanded to the nail world. Lavender nails are such a huge trend we even made a whole list just on the color trend.

13Light Nude

Ok so nude nail polish isn’t new, you’ve probably seen hundreds of different shades of nude polish over the past couple of years. This year, the nude color trend you’ll be seeing a lot of is this very light shade of nude polish. It’s softer than classic white, giving you a happy medium between the two.

14Matte Gray

We told you it’s all about gray this year! Another popular gray color for 2020 is matte gray. Playing around with the texture of your nail colors is an incredible way to change the vibe of it. We love how a matte finish gives this dark gray some edge.

15Nude Mattified

We’re not done with the nude nail color trends for the year! If the other nude polish colors aren’t really your thing, or you just want something that feels a little edgier – matte nude nails are the trend for you. It gives you the neutral shade with an edgy textured finish.

16Taupe Meets Matte

Have you gathered matte neutrals are all the rage for 2020? Yep the matte finish even made its way to shades of taupe as shown here. Taupe hasn’t been a trending color for quite a while and we love that it’s made its way back, with a matte finish.

17Pretty in Mauve

We have to say we absolutely LOVE that mauve has become a trending color this year. It’s a color we have to say we haven’t really ever tapped into using on nails, but we’re expecting that to change this year. Isn’t this color so pretty?

18Minty Moss

This mint-moss green color is absolutely stunning! We really can’t get over this particular nail color trend. It’s unexpected but definitely feels fresh and brand new in the color world. Such a fun color if you want something totally out of the box.

19Moss Green

If that minty moss shade in the previous picture isn’t for you, this true moss green may be more your speed. Moss green, well really green in general, haven’t been colors used often enough. Thankfully this year it looks like that’s about to change.

20Medium Blues

This medium shade of blue has been easing its way into popularity over the past few months, so it’s not a surprise that it’s already a major trend for this year. We really like this particular shade of blue because it’s a great middle ground between a dark and light blue shade.

21Neutrally Brown

Brown isn’t a color we select….ever for our nails. You’re probably like us on this matter. But when we started seeing this neutral brown shade all over nails and nail art images it got us ready to try it out for ourselves. So pretty!


We showed you a matte taupe earlier in this list, but to be honest with you taupe as a whole is a trending color for 2020. For our ladies who like opting for neutral nail colors but don’t want the typical nude hues, try taupe!

23Shimmering Nude

Turns out this year is all about updated neutral nail colors! As you can see here. We absolutely adore this take on a nude polish, with the inclusion of shimmer added to the mix.

24Olive Green

Did you think you would see so many shades of green on this list? 2020 is turning out to be a big year for green nails. We’re here for it, especially this olive green hue. Olive green is fun because it has a neutral aesthetic to it, while still giving you a color pop.

25Pastel Blue

It’s probably not shocking to hear that pastel nails are trending. Pastels are….everywhere! Clothes, shoes, makeup and now nails are all rocking it in pastel shades. We love this pastel blue shade for a light, pretty color choice.

26Pink Pastels

Oh yes, pastel pink is also trending! This is gorgeous color choice for our feminine ladies out there who really want to encompass the girly aesthetic of pastel pink. It gives your nails a light, fresh feel that differs from a bold pink.

27Pastel Purple

Oh no, we’re not quite done with the pastel nail color trends. Pastel purple needed its own moment as well. One of the things we really love about pastel purple is all the different shades of pastel purple available. There are more than you may realize!

28Mixing Pastel Shades

Another look that isn’t just showcasing one color trend but rainbow nails like this are such a trend it feels like it’s its own color trend. Combining pastel shades together onto one manicure like this is SO trendy this year.

29Light Yellow

How pretty is this light yellow nail color? We love this yellow color trend because it’s light enough to almost feel like a neutral color, without actually being neutral. Really gives you the best of both worlds. Such a gorgeous color for the spring and summer months.

30Peachy Keen

As we’ve been scouring the internet for various nail trends, we couldn’t deny the fact that peach nails are, well…trending. Shades of orange, peach included, have gained a major following this year and we can’t wait to see it continue to grow.

31Rose Gold Chrome

You probably saw chrome nails quite a bit last year. Chances are most of the chrome nails you saw were gold or silver. This year, chrome nails are still trending but the color of chrome is getting a bit of a shift. Instead of gold and silver, expect to see a lot of pink and rose gold chrome!

32Muted in Pink

We have to say we weren’t quite sure how to describe this particular shade of pink. It’s somewhat of a muted shade of pink because it’s not the typical hot pink or the pastel pink we’ve shown you on this list. That’s what we’re most excited about with this pink hue!

33White Tinted

Nail colors that are white at first glance, but offer a slight tint of another color have become a big trend this year. This OPI color is a gorgeous example of this trend. At first they look like white nails but then when you take another glance, you see the slight pink tint.

34Royally Purple

We’ve included, what seems like, every shade of purple on this list. So it probably goes without saying purple as a whole is one of the big nail colors of the year. As we get into the fall and winter, you will likely begin to see deeper shades of purple like this.

35Sheer Blues

Blue, much like purple, is trending is almost every variation of the color. This sheer-like blue color has become incredibly popular for the spring. Clear, or sheer colors are big for 2020 – especially when they’re in shades of blue.

36Sky Blue

37Pastel Teal

38Warm Peach

39Iridescently White

40Classic White