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Pink Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are sweeping the nation! Ok, maybe not the ‘nation’ but they seem to be just about everywhere. Metallic shades of chrome nail polish has been a really trendy way to add dimension and edge to nails over the past year. If you’ve scrolled through any of our other nail lists, chances are you’ve seen it at least once! Right now, though, the trend is getting spring/summer time ready with PINK chrome. We’re so excited about this trend because we love a good remix on an existing trend, especially when it involves the color pink. You too? Start scrolling then!

1Baby Pink in Chrome

These baby pink nails are gorgeous for the warm weather months. Looking for something other than solid white nails? This is the answer! The chrome finish adds an interesting dimension to the pale pink hue. Soft and pretty!

2Edgy Pink Chrome

If you’re more of an edgy type of person, these pink chrome nails may be more your speed. Using this darker pink chrome color as an accent nail to compliment black polish is the edgy combination we never expected to love so much.

3Glitzy in Pink Chrome

Hello pretty nails! This nail design is pretty incredible, don’t you think? The use of gold glitter, rhinestones and the line design applied are a stand out design combination. We love the way they added pink chrome onto on nail for even more style.

4Pastel Pink Chrome, Accented

We don’t know about you but as the temperatures rise we tend to gravitate towards lighter and bright nail colors, similar to clothing choices. The good news is you can rock the chrome nail trend in a lighter color scheme! Pastel pink gets a fun upgrade with the chrome finish here.

5Exaggerated Chrome Tips

These pink chrome nails were too fun not to include in this list. We’re always on board for an updated French tip manicure interpretation, and these nails are the epitome of an update. The exaggerated tips really emphasize the rose gold chrome.

6Cotton Candy Chrome Pink

This pink chrome manicure is giving us chic cotton candy vibes. It’s probably this stunning cotton candy pink nail color! So pretty, right? Adding in this pink undertoned iridescent polish really emphasizes the glam elements.

7Dark Pink Chrome

The good news about pink chrome nails? It comes in a variety of pink shades and tones so you can choose the one you enjoy most! This dark tone of pink chrome gives nails a bit of an edgier take compared to lighter shades.

8Chrome Foiled

Aren’t these pink chrome nails amazing?! Ok, we know they’re not JUST pink chrome but we had to share them with you – they do have SOME pink chrome in them. Combine your favorite chrome nail polish shades together for a unique take on the trend.

9Pink French Chrome

Give your French tip ombre nails yet another stylish twist. Applying a chrome like finish to the top of the classic design is an easy way to adjust the look of the nails entirely. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? The textured accent nail definitely adds to the look.

10Accented in Chrome

We love these nails for all our short nail people! Of course, if you have longer nails you can certainly do something similar. Adding a pop of pink chrome onto an accent nail keeps your manicure simple but FULL of style and texture.

11Light Pink Glam

Talk about shiny nails! We’re all about an opportunity to add glam and sheen to nails. Chrome is the newest way to add not just extra shine but also texture to nails. Keep it feminine and pretty with the light pink chrome.

12Iridescently Chrome

Oh iridescent nails, how we love you! Who would’ve known you can elevate iridescent nails?! They’re already so unique as they are, but thanks to chrome finishes they also get a fun twist. This pink toned iridescent color is perfection in our eyes.

13Chrome Coffin Chic

Because this light pink chrome polish is so pretty as it is, it makes for a great base to build from – even when adding something simple like glitter. Paint your nails in the solid pink chrome polish, mixing in one nail with glitter for a little added glam.

14Marbled Chrome

Nope, we’re not done finding ways to work marble nail design into our manicures. We hope you aren’t either! Look at the way adding pink chrome to white marbling transforms the look entirely. Add some rhinestones and you have an epic design.

15Neon Chrome

Another way to rock the neon trend this year! We love all the creative ways people have found to make neon nails fresh and trendy. Chrome neon pink is a winning combination that we’re in love with for the summer season.

16Pale Pink Textures

Who knew there were so many unique ways to add pink chrome to your manicures. We love that pink chrome is versatile and able to transition between various style personalities. This is a really feminine aesthetic for pink chrome – so pretty!

17Pink Meets Blue

Pink chrome nails doesn’t mean you can’t add in other colors for fun. Blue seems to always be a great color choice to combine with pink, as you see in this manicure. The color combo + chrome finish = everything!

18Magenta Chrome

Magnificent in magenta! We thought these pink chrome nails were stunning. Swapping out some of the other pink chrome shades for magenta adds another fun twist to the trend. Naturally, we always love when a manicure adds a dose of glitter.

19Rhinestone Embellished Chrome

Here’s another way to rock magenta pink chrome on your nails! Mixing in a few white nails, topped with rhinestones, adds a bit of freshness to the edgy chrome finish of the magenta nails. Love the juxtaposition!

20Chrome Florals

Talk about a fun take on floral! Transform the super feminine feel of any floral nail design by adding a couple of pink chrome nails into the mix. Hot tip: choose a pink chrome shade that’s cohesive with the colors used in the flowers!

21Chrome Jellies

Another hot take on floral nails! We love all the creativity in the nail world. Add dimension to pink jelly nails with pink chrome nails. You can play around with the ratio of jelly to chrome based on your preferences.

22Mixed Textures

Light pink nail polish tends to lend to a more feminine style profile, until now! This particular pink chrome polish has a rose gold type of look to it that looks absolutely amazing paired with matte black polish. The juxtaposition of the chrome and matte finishes really make this manicure.

23Pretty in Pink and Purple

Another color combination you can always count on? Pink and purple! It’s just one of those color combos that never fails, especially on nails. Make it a bit different with glitter polish and chrome polish for more style.

24Dainty Chrome Design

If you like your nails to look pretty and delicate, this manicure was made with you in mind. Pink chrome gets the delicate vibe with the light pink polish, rhinestones and glitter. The combination works beautifully on these nails.

25Rotating Textures

Short nail ladies – we’ve got you covered with pink chrome nails! Keep it simple, glam and chic with this manicure. Simply rotating silver glitter polish with pink chrome polish is super easy to DIY, but it doesn’t look like a home mani.

26Pop of Chrome

We have to say, we’re suckers for manicures that combine a bunch of different design styles to one look. If you want a pink chrome manicure that’s unique to your personal style preferences, we encourage you to tap into your creativity!

27Pink Textured Chrome

Add style and dimension to pink chrome nails by playing with the texture of the nails. Aren’t these so fun? Even with the nails all one solid color, they have so much design within them. Do something similar with any design you like.

28Bright Pink Iridescent

You already know it’s all about iridescent nails right now (and likely will be for a while!). Transition the trend into the warm weather months by opting for iridescent polish with a bright pink undertone. Complete with a chrome finish and voila!

29Pink Chrome + Matte

Combining textures = easy way to customize your nails! Matte pink nail polish gets paired with pink chrome nail polish for this manicure. Gorgeous for any nail shape!

30Designing Chrome

Here we go again with another over the top manicure. Using pink chrome polish as the base, build from that by adding different designs, finishes and textures to the nails using the same pink color scheme.

31Mirroring Pink Chrome

Changing the shape and length of nails never fails to transform solid nail polish. Ok, so pink chrome nail polish isn’t your typical ‘solid’ nail look. Even so it gets an even trendier twist with stiletto shaped nails.

32Chrome and Ombre

Love French tip ombre manicures? So do we! Seriously, we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of the look. Paint a couple of nails with a soft pink chrome polish, as pictured, to keep it subtle but add a little extra style.

33Rose Gold Chrome Design

Rose gold chrome – the latest of the metallic chrome nail colors to burst onto the scene. We adore the pink toned metallic finish for something a bit different, and feminine, from your typical metallic chrome colors. Stunning!

34Light Rose Chrome

Of course, just like all the other pink chrome nail colors we’ve shown you rose gold chrome comes in various tones. Keep your nails a bit lighter with this shade of rose gold. Once again, chrome polish shows us how great it looks paired with glitter.

35Pink Gold Chrome

We thought this was such a unique pink chrome polish color. It’s kind of a mix between rose gold and pale pink. Whatever color it is, it’s gorgeous! You can keep it really easy for yourself by painting all your nails the same pink chrome color and you can guarantee a stand out manicure.

36Coral Pink Chrome

37Chrome Coffin Nails

38Stilettos Chromed

39Unicorn Pink Chrome

40Accented Pink Chrome