embellished ombre french solar nails

Solar Nail Designs

Ahhh the nail world, it’s always changing and giving us new ways to rock gorgeous nails. No complaints around here! You’re probably familiar with acrylic nails, recently there’s been a new type of faux nail application that’s sweeping the nail world. What is this new nail trend, you ask? Solar nails! If you’re anything like us, when you hear the word ‘solar’ in regards to nails you’re really not sure what to think. Don’t worry though, we’ve got all the details so we’re going to explain this new trend to you.

So let’s start by explaining what solar nails actually are. Solar nails are a form of a false nail, the biggest difference between solar nails and other false nails is that they are applied directly to your innate nail. Solar nails are applied with a French manicure appearance. During application there is a white portion of solar nails that is placed onto your entire nail, after the white portion of the nail is applied technicians then place a pink toned onto the nail taking up only the nail bed (not cover the tip) of the nail. Hence, giving you a French manicure type of look from the get go. While you can certainly leave the French manicure look alone for a simple look, you can also paint over solar nails for a unique look that’s all your own to allow you to still have fun with your nail designs.

The big question many consumers have with solar nails is what the difference is between these and traditional acrylic nails. To put it simply, acrylic nails are utilized for extension purposes. Many even refer to acrylic nails as nail extensions. Solar nails aren’t extending the length of nails, but rather going over your natural nail. Many experts in the nail world believe solar nails are a healthier option because of the fact that they don’t put the same stress onto natural nails as acrylics do. Another big difference between the two is the refilling situation. Acrylic nails often have to be refilled approximately every two weeks, while solar nails require refilling approximately every 3 weeks.

Now that we’ve cleared the air and giving you some of the details about solar nails, we can’t leave you without some solar nail design inspo! Scroll through to peek at some of the solar nail designs we’ve come across and LOVE.

1Full Glam Mode

Go full glam with your solar nails with an all glitter look. You really can’t go wrong when you’ve got nails that are decked out in glitter polish. Even when the length is on the shorter side, it’s anything but basic with glitter. Silver not your thing? ANY glitter polish will look great this way.

2Edgy Glam Solar Nails

Fall and winter calls for darker nail designs. Solar nails are (most) often on the shorter side because of the way they’re applied to natural nails. Adding small touches of glitter and rhinestones to black polish is the perfect way to enhance the look of shorter nails and get just as much as style as you would with long nails.

3Black + Silver French Design

Honor the natural design of solar nails and their French manicure look, but with a twist. Instead of leaving them as the pink and white colors switch it up with a darker twist like this. Black and silver glitter go hand and hand, as you can see.

4White Floral Edge

All our black nail loving ladies will love these solar nails! Many of us are guilty of keeping it dark and easy with solid black nails during the cold weather months. Add just a touch of personality to the mix, like they did on these nails, with a white design added to a chosen accent nail. It can really be any design you love for a similar look!

5Glitter Pop French

A colorful, glamorous take on a French manicure! Solar nails make it easy to switch up the vibe of a traditional French mani because of the natural design they offer. Add glitter and color for an easy, cute change. Showcase your personal style with tips in the color of your choosing!

6Hot Pink Meets Abstract

We immediately fell in love with these stunning solar nails. The abstract, iridescent design over black polish is such a beautiful compliment to bright pink polish. Combining different designs and colors together is a great way to bring solar nails to life and express your personal style.

7Rotating Girly Classics

Whether you’ve got longer natural nails, or not, this is an easy way to give your solar nails a girly twist with a simple design. Rotating pink and white polish is always a great choice for nails. Really – what’s not to love about this color combination? Throw in an accent nail in glitter for good measure and you’ve got yourself the ultimate feminine solar manicure.

8Clearly Anchored

Yep, you can even rock the nude nail color trend with solar nails. We love that this nude polish almost looks clear because it matches the skin tone so perfectly. It gives nails the ultimate modern twist. Bring just enough detail to the nail color with a fun embellishment added to one or two of the nails. It can be an anchor or any other embellishment you enjoy.

9Simple Chic

If the previous nude nail color isn’t quite your style, this may be an alternative you resonate with a bit more. Pale pink polish is such a pretty color choice, no matter what time of year it is. There’s something about the classic vibe of this color that always feels refreshing and chic. Especially on shorter nails!

10Burgundy Leaves

Go to the dark side with your nail color choices for fall and winter with a deep purple tone like these nails are showing us. It’s such a beautiful color for the season. We absolutely love that they brought even more fall vibes to the mix with black leaves painted onto the ring finger, finished with small touches of glitter.

11Fall Toned Solids

We’re all about the dark nail colors this time of year, but let’s be honest there are times when it feels like everything is just SO dark. This color combo is a great way to feel appropriate for the season but also add a bit of lightness, with light beige and white brought into play. Painting each nail a different color is a mega trend this fall, too!

12Ombre Glitz in Solar

Give solar nails a modern twist with an ombre effect using the pink and white colors of a French manicure. Aren’t these so pretty? Bringing an ombre effect really transitions the look of a French manicure completely. Of coruse, we love the addition of glitter applied to one nail on each hand for that dose of glam we all love.

13French Ombre Glamour

Another gorgeous example of implementing an ombre effect into solar nails. No matter the length of your solar nails, including an ombre French design is a sure fire way to look chic. Complete the look with a rhinestone design glued onto the base of the ring finger.

14Chrome Finished Ombre

We’re pretty sure you haven’t seen a French ombre design like THIS before. But isn’t this so pretty?! We can’t get enough of the chrome like finish applied to these nails. Just that small touch of shine elevates a simple design for a unique take.

15Glitter Fade

Leave the base of solar nails true to their pink color and just add glitter! We’re pretty sure glitter will never get old when it comes to nail designs. You with us on this one? We thought you would be. Instead of keeping it metallic with gold or silver glitter have fun with a bold glitter color like this purple for a truly unique design.

16Chrome Finished Tips

These solar nails are EPICLY stunning. Seriously, we can’t get over how simple and chic they are. Replacing the classic white tips with a chrome metallic is such an easy change but gives nails a whole different look. Since chrome polish is a big trend it’s the perfect way to add just a touch of trend to your solar nails.

17Green Glitzy Solar

Glitter solves a lot of problems. Ok, ok that may not be entirely true but glitter can definitely give nails a whole new life and we are always here for it. Applying a brightly colored glitter polish to the tips of nails is the perfect way to add color AND glitter to solar nails all while honoring the French manicure shape.

18Colorful French Glitter

These solar nails are another easy way to work with the French manicure style of solar nails, with a little glam twist. We really love how they worked glitter into the white portion of these nails. You get the best of both worlds in a fresh way!

19Minty Fresh Nails

When you’re working with a shorter nail length in a solar nail design, incorporating glitter is one of our favorite ways to add depth and personality without intricate designs. Choose a fun color, like this mint green polish, for a colorful pop to mix in with iridescent glitter.

20Exaggerated Glitter Tips

How fun are these solar nails?! Such a fun and unique way to change the look of a french manicure look. Bringing the color(s) on the tips down to one side gives such a cool dimensional appearance. Naturally, we’re all about the fact that they used glitter here but you can use another color if you don’t want glitter.

21Neutrally Dotted Style

Combining neutral colors has quickly grown to be one of our favorite trends of the season. Just like these nails show us, pairing a pinky beige polish with a deep brown is unexpected but totally works! Bring the colors together for a completed look with a simple design like they did with the dots here.

22Coffin Shaped Solar

The great thing about solar nails is how they can really work with the shape of your natural nail. When you want a nail look that’s sophisticated and stylish this is a great option. This nearly clear looking polish gives solar nails that beautiful look that compliments white glitter with ease.

23Modern French Glitter

We told you it’s all about mixing your neutral nail colors this year! White and nude are stunning color choices to combine, regardless of the time of year. To add personality to the classic colors we really adore the way they incorporated different, simple, designs onto the nails like a triangular take on French manicure and ombre glitter.

24Embellished Solar Design

Woo wee! These solar nails are giving us LIFE! For the ultimate glam girl, this is a design you absolutely need to try for your own nails. Mixing glitters, as shown here, adds glam depth to the nails. You can stop with the glitter base + tips or go all out with the addition of pearl and rhinestone embellishments.

25Classic French Ombre

Whether you’re a simplistic kind of woman or need your nails to be on the subtle side for professional purposes, this is a winning choice. Elevate solar nails with the use of classic French manicure colors used for an ombre finish. Opting for the ombre effect gives these nails the perfect sophisticated touch.

26Pinkly Chromed

Chrome, pink, and ombre…what more can a woman ask for in a manicure?! Combining all three elements has never looked more stunning. We love that they used a bright pink nail color for that gorgeous color pop to highlight the ultra-shiny finish.

27Pretty in Pink Shimmer

Want nails that are pretty, simple and glam? This is what you’ve been looking for! Opt for a light shade of pink polish and pair with a silver or iridescent glitter. It’s a combination that you can work together in so many different ways. Applying glitter to one accent nail and just on the side of one nail is just enough glam!

28Silver Designed Pink

Didn’t we say pastel pink and glitter can be worn together in a lot of different ways? We wanted to give you another fun way to rock the combination with ease. Swapping the placement of colors from the traditional French manicure here. Use tape or a stencil to get sharp edges on the glitter placement to make it really easy to apply.

29Short Solars

This is as classic as you can get when it comes to solar nails. Keep it super simple by allowing the natural colors of solar nails to shine through. Isn’t it pretty? Add a finishing touch to the look with a shiny coat like they’ve done here.

30Solar System

We couldn’t resist the pun that comes with a solar system design applied to solar nails! Not to mention, this is a pretty epic way to rock a nail design. If you’re into astronomy and the solar system bring that passion onto your nail design!