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Teal Nail Polish Designs

On the market for a new nail color trend? We have you covered! Enter: Teal! Yes, teal nails. Believe it or not, teal is an incredibly versatile color. Whether you like nail designs that are really edgy, feminine or anything in between – you can incorporate the color teal for a bright pop of color. Teal has grown on us tremendously because it’s a color we don’t often reach for, but sometimes you have to switch it up! If you’re ready to switch it up with your own nails scroll through to check out some stunning teal nail polish designs.

1Rounded Glam Teal Nails

Talk about gorgeous nails, right?! The teal color scheme is so refreshing and fun. Personality and design is added to teal nails with various textures and rhinestone embellishments. Easy to add, powerful for style!

2Arizona Iced Tea

We encourage you to get inspiration for your nail art from unexpected places – even your beverages! Arizona iced tea has a pretty fun graphic, that also happens to look incredibly chic when painted onto nails.

3Edgy in Teal

Teal is a gorgeous, bright color that can be incorporated into so many different types of nail designs. Here, they found a way to make teal look really edgy. Pairing the bright teal color with matte black is an easy way to add that edge.

4Fluttering Teal Nails

Keep your teal nails light and bright with butterflies painted (or applied) on top of the nail color! We thought this was such a cute manicure, perfect for summertime. Use nail decals to get butterflies like this – they make it SUPER easy to DIY nail art, too.

5Teal Cat Eye

Cat eye nail polish has been creeping up in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun! We love all the different colors that have been coming out in cat eye polish – especially teal. The contrasting colors adds dimension and a pop of color.

6Chrome Textured Teal

Playing around with different finishes on your nails is a great way to make your manicure stand out. We’re obsessed with the chrome teal polish, especially how it’s been paired with teal glitter. Different types of shine = sign us up!

7Neutral Meets Teal

Teal glitter doesn’t have to be the entire manicure in order for your nails to get a fun pop of color and glam. Here, they kept the nails really neutral adding teal glitter to just half of two nails.

8Teal + Coral

We have to admit, we never would have thought to combine teal polish with coral nail polish. But as it turns out it’s a gorgeous color combination! Experiment with different colors to find combinations that surprise you.

9Teal Crystal Nail Design

Crystals have been…everywhere lately! While many people love them for their spiritual purposes, they’re also just downright fun. If you’re a crystal lover this is a really fun way to bring your love of crystals right to your nails.

10Spotted Teal

Polka dots are a great design to lean on when you want a nail design that’s fun, but also fairly easy to achieve design wise. Use different shades of teal, as shown in the image, to make the polka dots have more depth.

11Matte Teal Glam

This shade of teal is stunning when you want something soft and feminine. That’s the great thing about teal nail polish, all the various shades and tones within the color. Add a matte finish and glamorous embellishments and you’ve got a manicure to stun your friends with.

12Teal Florals

We’ve all seen floral nails plenty of times, and will likely continue to do so. These floral nails are a bit different between the color palette, use of bright teal as the foundation color, and outlining of the flowers it’s an elevated take on flower nails.

13Gold Flakes on Teal

Because teal is a statement color on its own, you can allow it to be the main statement of your manicure and trust you’ll have a fun result. Here they added some glam texture to the look with gold flakes applied to one nail.

14Striped in Teal

Teal nails get a cute upgrade with metallic stripes and a heart to complete the look. If you want to add a glamorous touch to the soft teal nail color, gold metallic polish is an easy way to achieve that.

15Holographic Teal

Holographic nail polish has been another type of nail polish that’s been quite popular in recent months. One look and it’s easy to see why – what’s not to love about the iridescent finish? Combine the holographic look with a teal base and we’re sold.

16Teal Leopard

Leopard print in TEAL? Yep! We adore this unexpected color scheme for leopard print nails. It’s one of the things we love most about nail art – there are no rules!

17LV Logo Teal Nails

We can’t get enough of the designer logo trend on nails! It’s something we’ve started to see more and more and we’re here for it. Once you have the logos (you can find them on sites like Amazon) simply glue them on and you’re left with a fashion themed manicure.

18Marbled Teal Design

Marbled nail design just got a major upgrade! We absolutely adore the color palette used here, combining shades of brown and nude with the pop of teal. All the colors used on the marble design gives so much added dimension to the design.

19Mermaid Textured Teal

Mermaid nails like you’ve NEVER seen. Talk about taking inspiration to new levels. Teal chrome polish obviously is an epic color choice, but it looks even more epic thanks to the shell textured accent nails.

20Metallic Finished in Teal Nails

If you’ve followed us for a while you know we’re all about the approachable nail designs. While we love the elaborate designs, we know it’s not always easy to achieve if you DIY your manicures. These nails are a great example of an easy manicure to DIY that also happens to be loaded with style.

21Metallic Marbling

We couldn’t resist another marble nail design – especially with this one, it’s STUNNING. Teal nail polish is a great color to utilize for a fun new take on the marble design aesthetic, as you can see here. Add gold flakes and rhinestones for added glam.

22Under the Sea Inspired Teal Nails

Whether you love ‘The Little Mermaid’ or you just want a manicure that has major beach inspo, this manicure is pretty gorgeous. The rhinestones and seashell embellishments make it easy to create an under the sea inspired manicure.

23Accented Teal Glam

This color combination totally took us off guard, but we’re officially in love with it. This burnt orange hue isn’t one we’d normally pair with bright teal glitter but we’re really glad someone else thought to do so!

24Pineapple Teal Nails

Pineapples and teal nail polish? Yes, please! The pineapple nail art couldn’t be more on point for the summer season. Pairing it with this light teal nail color keeps the light fresh feel consistent for the warm weather vibe.

25Spotted Teal

Aren’t these nails adorable? The use of chrome teal nail polish throughout some of these designs is undeniably fun. Adding polka dots gives a cute, modern twist to the overall design. Perfect for short nails, too!

26Purple and Teal Nails

This is a color scheme you’ve likely seen before, especially if you’ve ever seen mermaid inspired nail art. Purple and teal always give us major mermaid vibes. Even if mermaids aren’t your thing, it’s a color combo you can count on.

27Rosey Teal Nails

We’re so impressed with the creative and unexpected ways people have used teal nail polish. Painting cartoonized roses on top of teal gives this kind of retro aesthetic that’s so unique.

28Teal Creature

We’re back with another under the sea type of vibe, but this one is quite different from the previous. This sea creature look is such a cool design, painting just the ‘legs’ of the creature makes it a bit more of an abstract look.

29Seashell Teal

There’s just something about teal nails that bring out the under the sea designs! These nails aren’t as literal with the ocean design, but they sure are a glam moment.

30Shades of Teal

Combining various shades of teal creates a pretty monochromatic design, as shown here. The colors are consistent adding dimension and glam in a more subtle manner.

31Silver Accented Teal

WOW do we love these teal nails. The light shade of teal feels so feminine and soft, making it the perfect complement to metallic silver stripes and glitter. We really like that they made the design slightly different from nail to nail.

32Touch of Sunflower

Another great summertime manicure! Light teal nails get a pretty, summer vibe with the touch of sunflower painted on top. Painting just a touch of the flower makes it a little more artistic aesthetically.

33French Tip in Teal

We are OBSESSED with these nails. Seriously, they’re incredible. Using shades of teal on the tips of nails is a fun twist to French tip manicure design. The added element of ‘texture’ provides even more personality to the overall manicure.

34Teal Glitz

We can never resist a manicure that includes glitter as a highlight feature. You can always count on glitter to amplify just about any nail design. Add the v-tip element to break up all the teal, or skip it.

35Glitter Teal Accent

Didn’t we tell you we like an easy to achieve manicure? We weren’t kidding! It doesn’t get much easier than this manicure. But just because it’s easy to achieve, even at home, it’s certainly not boring or basic.

36Mermaid Aesthetic

37Teal Ombre Nails

38Various Nail Shapes

39Swirling in Teal

40Brushstrokes in Teal