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Hard Gel Nails

Hard Gel Manicure Over the years nail trends have come and gone, just like all beauty trends do. Now more than ever it seems as...

Fiberglass Nails

Fiberglass Nails Guide Believe it or not, there are quite a few different types of nail extensions. Most of us are familiar with the common...

Gel French Manicure

Gel French Tip Manicure Do you love French tip manicures? It’s one of those designs that we all know we can lean on when we...

Best Essie Gel Couture Swatches

Essie Gel Couture Colors Review Choosing a nail color is a seemingly simple task. But let’s face it…it can be a hard decision! Mostly when...

Top 30 Cute Gel Nails

Top 30 Gel Nail Polish Ideas Gel nails are a handy, long lasting way of having beautiful nails. With gel polishes, you don't have to...