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Glass Nails

Glass Nail Designs Glass nails for the win! Yes, we said GLASS nails. It’s a trend you’re definitely going to want to know about if...

Cool Nail Designs

Cool Nail Designs 2020 New year = new nail designs! We have to say one of our favorite parts of welcoming a new year is...

Drip Nails

Dripped Nails Chances are you’ve noticed this dripped nail design a time or two in the past. Recently, this particular design has become quite popular...

Nail Color Ideas 2020

Trending Nail Colors: Cool Nail Colors in 2020 New year = new trending nail colors! Ahh how we love to welcome in a whole new...

Coffin Nails: 35 Gorgeous Coffin Nail Designs

35 Ballerina Coffin Shaped Nails Besides looking edgy and feminine, coffin nails, or Ballerina nails are also great accessories if you would like to add...

30 Holographic Nail Polish and Makeup Looks

30 Holographic Nail and Makeup Looks If you're looking for the most stunning, 'out there' trends this season, holographic make-up and nails should most definitely...